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Spotify Match

Over 76% of Americans drive alone to work every day. That's 115 millions cars on the road and accounts for  one-third of the country’s air pollution. People don’t like to carpool because sharing a car with a stranger can feel awkward. And the planet bears the brunt of that. So we thought what better way to connect strangers than a shared love for music? We create a Google Maps integration on Spotify that uses pre-set ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ locations to identify drivers going along similar routes. We then compare their Daily Drive playlists and match them over common music preferences. Encouraging them to carpool, we not only get them to listen to Spotify in the car but also use music to help save the planet.

S-007_Spotify match Board.tif
Spotify 2-20.jpg
Spotify 3-20.jpg
Spotify 1-20.jpg
CW: Palak kapadia, Yashashree Samant, Apaar Singhal
AD:  Ria Kulkarni
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